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    2019 - 2020 PREP and Ivy Creek Staff  
Anama Deborah Parent Resource Coordinator
Anderson Tanesha Program Specialist
Barker John Teacher
Berk-Scholl Astrid Vision Teacher
Boyd Michelle Executive Director
Breckenridge Susanne Occupational Therapist
Butler Cathleen Occupational Therapist
Butler Cheryl Receptionist/Attendance
Carr Tequila Program Specialist
Cianciotto Jennifer Teacher
Cook Donald Program Specialist
Cornejo Lydia Occupational Therapist
Crombie  Nicole Occupational Therapist
Crosby Judith Teacher
Curry Rebecca Vision Teacher
Dingess Marc Program Specialist
Dyer Jermaine Program Specialist
Ferguson Robert Vocational Specialist
Franklin Tony Program Specialist
Freiman Helene Lead Occupational Therapist
Fuller Renee Occupational Therapist
Gregory Sharon Adaptive Physical Education
Hallman Barbara Occupational Therapy Assistant
Hobbs Valarie Occupational Therapist
Hughes Kelly Supervision of Student Sevices
Jackson Sarah Program Specialist
Jennings Gabrielle Vision Teacher
Jennings Randi Occupational Therapist
Johnson Carolyn Clinical Psychologist
Johnson Sandra Occupational Therapist
Jordan Robert Program Specialist
Kindler Mark Principal
King  Denise Program Specialist
LoMonaco Francesca Social Worker
Mahoney Jody Lead Physical Therapist
McClain Kristy Vision Teacher
McCormack Erin Autism//Behavior Consultant
Mehrtens Christina Adaptive Physical Education
Middlesworth Jennifer Teacher
Miller Shelia Secretary/Bookkeeper
Myers Richard Teacher
Negangard Ashley Physical Therapist
Olszewski Eva Program Specialist
Pellegrino Joseph Clinical Psychologist
Phares Laura Behavior Specialist
Phillips Carrie Autism/Behavior Program Specialist
Picklap Anne Occupational Therapist
Ragland Dana Medicaid Assistant
Reed Susan Assistive Technology Facilitator
Reynolds Corie School Psychologist
Robinson Deborah Program Specialist
Roebuck Jarrod Teacher
Rush Kim Vision Teacher
Ruys Maiya Teacher
Sandridge  Katherine Secretary
Shapero-Jones Karen Transition Coordinator
Shelton Kerry Program Specialist
Singletary Gay Occupational Therapist
Smith Amber Vision Teacher
Suhler Stephanie Teacher
Talarico-Cavanaugh Diane Autism/Behavior Consultant
Thomas Sallie Vision Teacher
Tyler Joanne Medicaid Specialist
Vaught Melissa Occupational Therapist
Vial Crystal Physical Therapist
Vidano Susanne Program Specialist
Walters Cynthia Clinical Psychologist
Walther Ashley Behavior Specialist/Assistant
Washington Kenneth Program Specialist
Whitaker Todd Teacher
White David Teacher
Wilson Eric Program Specialist
Wilson Mark Program Specialist
Wright Natalie Finance Clerk
Wyatt Diane Occupational Therapist