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Adapted Physical Education Services

PREP provides a variety of programs and services to students identified with a disability across two school districts in our region:  Charlottesville City, Culpeper County Public Schools.

What is the Adapted Physical Education (A.P.E) Program?

Students with disabilities require special consideration in the planning and implementation of their physical education programs. A.P.E. allows students the opportunity to experience the common benefits and activities of regular physical education by providing modification, alternative activities, and adapted equipment for varying abilities. Through careful evaluation, A.P.E. students are selected based on who requires special support to safely and successfully participate in either a regular or supplemental physical education program. 

Classes focus on skills leading to physical and motor fitness, fundamental motor skills and patterns, aquatics, dance and individual  and group games.  Special attention is given to students' physical, emotional and cognitive growth.

The socialization needs of students as well as the need for appropriate modeling by other students is recognized and therefore, inclusion in the regular physical education class is provided, when possible.

As students mature, programs focus on individual interests in order to promote a physically active lifestyle.  Emphasis on enjoyment and individual choices enable students to develop skills to be used in community recreation and lifelong activities.

Who delivers A.P.E.?

PREP provides A.P.E. Teachers to provide direct support during the student's physical education class or consultation services for the student.  Consultation occurs between the regular physical education teacher and the A.P.E. teacher to insure the student's needs are met during the physical education class.

How does a student qualify to receive A.P.E.?

Students are assessed to determine their individual needs based on criteria established within special education law and Virginia regulations. An eligibility meeting is then held to discuss the evaluation results and to determine if the student is eligible for A.P.E.  If the student is found eligible, the Individual Education Plan (IEP) Team meets to determine the level of service to include any specific accommodations.  Once the IEP is developed, service begins.